About Engender International

According to the World Bank’s International Finance Cooperation, women perform 66 per cent of the world’s non-domestic work and produce 50 per cent of the world’s food. But women only manage 10 per cent of global income and own 1 per cent of property. Our nascent organization believes we can empower women through the work that they are already doing.

When women are paid for work they do and maintain control over money they make, whole societies reap the benefits. As the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women reported in 2015, women’s equal access to economic resources is shown to: result in faster overall economic growth within a community and a country, increase access to longterm education for girls and boys, and decrease infant mortality. If women were to fully participate in the global economy, overall GDP would increase by $28 trillion, or 26 per cent compared to 2016 levels. Since improving women's access to money ultimately improves our world, we want to support this by making equal access to income a choice for the business and end-consumers along the commodity supply chain.

As its first program, Engender International is creating the Gender Equity Through Trade certification process (GETT Certification). GETT Certification identifies which consumer-products companies - particularly within the agricultural, food, and textile realms - properly compensate the women who work along their supply chain. Companies that meet the GETT Certification standards will be able to call this out on their packaging with a seal not unlike a "Fair Trade" or "organic" label designation. We believe that the GETT Certification will drive consumer choice and increase sales for products that have its backing. In turn, more companies will be incentivized to meet the certification requirements and seek to fairly compensate women for the work they do.

With the understanding that supply chains weave across social and political borders, the GETT Certification will be awarded based on the outcome of the an equation. A positive score can be reached in myriad ways, but all certified products will be directly improving the lives of women by paying them for their work and improving their access to economic resources.

GETT Certification is calculated based on the following parameters:

  • Percentage of supply-chain workers who are women
  • Percentage of supply-chain companies owned by women
  • Work within countries that do not place legal restrictions on economic opportunities for women and advocacy to change laws in countries that do
  • Proof of payment directly to female workers along a supply-chain
  • Charitable donations or support of organizations fighting against domestic violence
  • Wage parity between men and women in the companies along a supply chain
  • Proof of investment in education and training for women and girls

At Engender International, we can see the future. The future is vibrant and stable. The future is just and equitable. We can wait for this future when women’s rights are placed at the heart of government and social policy. Or we can usher in that future today by building sustainable routes to prosperity for all through the work women do now.


Pete is a CEO with 20 years of experience in digital media, design, web development, and data planning. Pete's current company, Parallel Public Works helps non-profits and the public sector build web applications and mobile apps that directly support organizational missions.

Erin is a writer, entrepreneur, and currently works to help women and those with limited resources succeed through business training, coaching, and access to capital.


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